Thank you Medi. YOU ARE THE BEST!

When my friend, who passed her G license on the first try, recommended Medi to me, I automatically developed high expectations and was very happy to see that he met them all. Medi’s easygoing and cheerful disposition, friendly approach and the ability to encourage me in any challenging situations were exactly what I needed to feel strong enough to master my skills. Very punctual and attentive, willing to respond to any of my questions and always in good mood – this is Medi. While I was driving, he sometimes pretended he didn’t closely watch my moves but his immediate comments proved he didn’t miss one second of my practice. His willingness to accommodate my needs, including the time or place of meeting was really admirable. I was so extremely happy to pass my G license on the first try. Thank you, Medi, very much. You are really THE BEST!!! And for those looking for a great instructor…you don’t need to look further, just call Medi at Safe Driving School. "